About Us



Samman has the following policy regarding the quality of the goods and services we offer to our customers:

  • The Quality Policy implemented by Samman during project execution that the products and services meet the needs and expectation of the customer conform to the quality requirements established for the project, including applicable norms, specifications, legislation, instructions and regulations, particularly those concerning occupational health, safety and environmental conservation.
  • Satisfy customer needs and expectations by delivering products that are verified to meet the agreed requirements on time.
  • Monitor and continuously improve business products and services organization and employees performance.
  • The quality policy is the framework for determining and reviewing quality objectives.
  • The policy is carried out as part of regular annual Management reviews.

Samman will fulfill the quality policy by achieving the following long-term objectives:

  • Better planning.
  • Consistent adherence to priority tasks.
  • Improving documentation.
  • Ensuring systematic monitoring and directing processes, results and tasks.
  • Increasing employee and client satisfaction.