Our Story


Based on many years of experience and knowledge of its management and the development potential level of its employees Samman Group is a solid establishment specialized for contracting in building, electrical works, mechanical works, wood works, air distribution systems, road works, water and sanitary works.

The main sections and activities that contributed in our success are:

  1. A planning division to make reachable goals. A quality control division to monitor the achievement of each plan.
  2. Using the latest technology and information transfer to communicate between all departments and employees with the management.
  3. The factory is in process to add a partner that will make an addition and an advantage to the structure, capital and volume of its business.


We are the second generation of this business that started by Eng. Yahya Alsamman since 1973 and now we have a management contract with Samman Group in Istanbul, Turkey. And according to that SAMMAN CONSTRUCTION was able to triple the volume of its business during the past few years and now striving to implement another expansion plan to double the volume of its business again.

To achieve this goal SAMMAN CONSTRUCTION is generously investing in its human resources in addition to its financial capabilities.

  1. One of the main reasons that made SAMMAN CONSTRUCTION what it is today, is attracting the talented human resources, develop and maintain them.
  2. A lot of events are organized to keep the relations between all employees not just for work, such as football matches, trips and Ramadan breakfasts. In their gladness and the grief we stand with them.