• General construction of residential and non-residential buildings (schools, hospitals, hotels,…..etc.)
  • General construction of government buildings
  • Constructions of prefabricated buildings in the sites
  • Airport constructions, airstrips and its facilities
  • Construction and repair of roads, streets, sidewalks, and roads accessories
  • Stadium construction and lands division, sorting, merging and development
  • Preparing and equipping sites for drilling and leveling
  • Create swimming pools
  • Firefighting activities at airports
  • Renovations of residential and non-residential buildings
  • Demolition and removal of buildings and others

Networks and extensions:

  • Network extensions
  • Establishing and repairing stations and projects of sanitation, Sewage systems and pumps.
  • Drawing ground water and drying sites
  • Installation and extension of television and satellite networks
  • Installing and extending computer networks and telecommunications
  • Fire pipe installations, maintenance and repair
  • Piping, repair and maintenance of irrigation pipes

Systems and Protection:

  • Installation of lighting systems
  • Installation of road lighting systems and airstrips
  • Installing and maintaining fire alarm devices and equipment
  • Installing burglar alarm systems
  • Installation, repair and maintenance thermal and water insulating systems


  • Installing electrical equipment and home appliances, including heating panels
  • Installing and maintaining firefighting devices and equipment
  • Installation, repair and maintenance solar energy networks
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems
  • Installation, repair and maintenance sanitary ware
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of automatic doors
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of lightning rod


  • Finishing the buildings
  • Installation of doors, windows, door frames, balustrades, stairs, and kitchens (wood, aluminum, and metal).
  • Installation of interior roofs and barriers and Wall coverings with wood
  • Plastering and surveying works
  • Paints works for internal and external buildings
  • Installing glass fronts for the towers
  • Installation of furniture